My problem when juggling multiple computer-related tasks is keeping my files organized. I often will create multiple "temp" folders to hold files that I want to easily access, but not permanently place until the project is finished. While my "temp" folders still serve a purpose, that bit of organization can become disorderly.

If you have trouble keeping your active files in an easily accessible space AND organized, this free desktop organizer is for you!


Click to download.


Simply download files to your desktop and move to the proper square. Gone are the days where you can't locate the file you JUST downloaded!

The breakdown:

Now // files you will need this week

Later // files you will need in the coming weeks

Organize // files you have finished working with during the week

Use it however it makes sense and is the most helpful to you. For me, I set aside about 15 minutes per week organizing and moving my files to the proper place. At the beginning of a new week has proven to be a great time for me to do this; it feels like a fresh start.