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Building a strong brand is more than having a beautiful logo designed with business cards to match; it’s more than an Instagram feed showcasing your business through rose-colored lenses. What I’m saying is that there is more than what meets the eye when it comes to branding.

Stop for a minute and think about those beautiful logos and Instagram feeds that you swoon over…really stop and think about a few specific ones; I’ll give you a minute.

What is it about those brands that you want to emulate? Maybe it’s the way in which they communicate their brand on social media. Or maybe it’s their simple, easy to use website. Whatever it is for you, there are all kind of brainstorming, organization, planning, scheduling that you don’t see. It takes so much time and energy to get there.

I work with small business owners who desire to grow their brand, but need help along the way.

My mission is to enhance one’s brand on both the front end and back end of the business. So you may be able to create your own website on Squarespace with their drag-and-drop design, but your website isn’t going to perform well; there is a multitude of back-end work that must happen if you want to be found; it’s called search engine optimization. Or maybe you have a bunch of ideas about messages you want to communicate on social media, but you don’t have the time to make it happen.

I offer custom packages built for every client upon an initial consultation.

Good news! I am currently accepting new clients.



Squarespace website design, blog design, e-commerce options and
social media platform integration

Already have a website and need help keeping it updated? We can help with the back end SEO work, as well as the front end.

We help you understand who you are as a business and how to represent yourself to the world. It’s fun!



  • You understand that establishing a strong brand will help you attract the clients you want to work with

  • You know you need a website, but aren't quite sure where to start or you have a website, but need some help taking it to the next level visually and strategically

  • The quality of your current online identity doesn't match the quality of your business products and services

  • You're seeking a visual identity that sets you apart from others in your industry

  • You're ready to invest into building a simple, effective website

  • You're looking to implement marketing campaigns that are meaningful and profitable

  • You need help mapping out and understanding the best ways to market your business

  • You are feeling stuck or in a rut with how to grow your brand


how does that sound?

I know, I sounds scary! I promise I won't bite. In fact, we'll probably be friends. My passion is helping people and it's so exciting that I get to do it for a living.

If you're on the fence, I want to talk with you.

If you have a bunch of questions, I want to talk with you.

If you're ready to get started, I want to talk with you.


so what's next?

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  2. Take the leap! Send me a message and I will set up a time for a telephone conversation to discuss your goals, needs, and how I can help.

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